Fishing and Tackle


Spring salmon fishing

The average spring salmon weighs 10lbs.
A 12ft. to 15ft. double handed fly rod is recommended with a floating or intermediate line.

Grilse (Summer Salmon)

The average weight of a grilse (summer salmon ) is about 5lbs.
A 10ft or 11ft single handed rod with a floating or intermediate line.

Popular flies

Hairy Mary, Blue Charm, Thunder and Lightning, Stoats Tail, Willie Gunn and Ally Shrimp in sizes 6,8 and 10.


Sea Trout fishing

The weight of the avearge sea trou is t 2 ½ lbs.
From July onwards Finnock (known locally as Juiniors) can be caught . Their Average size is 1lb.

Popular Flies

Bibio, Green Peter, Claret Bumble, Watsons Fancy, Black Pennell & Mallard & Claret